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Customer Testimonials

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say About CBD

“After dealing with neck pain for 1 ½ years, going to chiropractors, spine specialists, my grandson and daughter gave me some CannaBiDine. Within 2 days I was able to move my neck with much less pain.

I plan on continuing taking the capsules as it has helped more than anything I have tried.  I am a believer in this product.”

-Anne S.

“CBD oil has been a saving grace in my life.  I’ve had physical & emotional conditions all my life, and I’m thankful to have found this healthy alternative to prescription drugs. I’ve tried CBD products from other companies with relatively good results. After using BHC’s oil, the others pale in comparison. The difference is in the quality, extremely pure product that will leave one medicated whilst remaining mentally clear. I can honestly & confidently recommend using BHC products for a multitude of health concerns, as I have seen incredible results.”

-Kyle L.

“I'm 40 years old and I've had 8 broken bones, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple injections in my hips, arms, shoulders, and my wrist.  I'm dealing with fibromyalgia and being tested for lupus.  My joints are in tremendous pain and I'm a hairdresser so I stand on my feet all day and hold my arms in the air 90% of the time. 

My doctor is working with me as I can no longer take heavy pain meds, to turn to alternative and natural remedies.   She suggested CBD extracted oils and after a few days of Broadway Hemp 300 oil I reduced  Motrin from 23 pills a day to 7.  After a couple weeks, I was off all the pain meds. I use 3 to 4 drops under my tongue every morning and the changes are amazing.  I can walk without my hips hurting, I'm able to cut hair all day now and before I couldn’t survive past 2 pm. 

Another impressive thing about the CBD oil is it offers anxiety relief and allows me to be me again!! to smile, act silly, enjoy my customers, get in the pool with my boys and not sleep all the time.

Before with the 23 pills I was taking I would come home at 3 go to bed, get up at 7 make dinner eat and go back to bed. On the weekends which for me is Saturday, Sunday and Monday I may not get out of bed more than 3 to 4 hours during that whole time and now I'm up and moving!! I keep my grand babies, I'm chasing after my crazy boys and husband!! That is the biggest blessing of all!! I had forgotten how important family is until you can't enjoy them because you've been so miserable.

I’ve lost 10 pounds, which was inflammation/water weight and I can feel more blood flow to my feet.

This is the best thing that's happened to me in many years. I've been suffering for at least the last 5 years and with my doctor's permission, I am using CBD oil and will continue to as she prescribes.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story!!   I pray that God will lead you in the right direction and you will take even just a small part of my story and let it be part of your amazing story of healing that you can have as well!!”

-Melody T.

“My husband and I came to an event held by Broadway Hemp Company.  My husband had a migraine so realized we couldn’t stay.  He tried a few drops of the CBD 300 oil and within 15 minutes, the migraine had gone away!   He was very impressed and is now a big believer in your products!”

-Lisa M.

“I was involved in an auto accident several years ago that took 2.5 years of medical treatment and surgeries to overcome. I use 1 of Broadway Hemp Company’s 25 mg capsules every night to manage my chronic pain and PTSD. I had to get off all the pharmaceuticals, I do not take any prescriptions now.”

-Mike H.